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Diaries and photos of our trips to Belgium.  Latest at the top

Weekend in Antwerp/Essen 12th to 15th December 2008
12th December 2008
Babblefest in the Oud Arsenaal

Thom & Paulette


Signs on the wall of the Oud Arsenaal

Hmmm no comment - Theresa & Johan

Marge & Black Haddock


SteveN, Theresa, Martin & Jezza

Marge & SteveH

Marge, Black Haddock & Johan

Johan trying to eat the Haddock, no wonder it had a puncture!

Thom & Paulette


More signs



Thom & Jezza

Marge, Black Haddock & MatW


Jezza & SteveH

Aged Gordons Xmas

SteveH, Black Haddock, MatW & Clive

Cuvee 175 - De Koninck anniversary beer

Black Haddock & Teresa (me)

Teresa & SteveH

Jezza trying to drink Theresa’s beer

Jezza & MatW sharing a beer!

Theresa, Jezza, Clive and that floozy of a fish

Clive in that hat with the Haddock

Haddock wearing the hat, MatW & Thom

Haddock attacking Martin - help, help!

Aged beers from the cellar

Mat in the hat

MatW, David & Matt

Aged N’Ice Chouffe mmmmmmm!

Matt, Marge & Black Haddock

Clive & SteveN with an aged Cantillon Gueuze

Black Haddock, Theresa & the Haddock & Thom


MatW, Matt & Marge

MatW’s tongue! and David

Jezza, Marge, Black Haddock, Theresa & Thom

Marge & Black Haddock

Martin & SteveN

Marge & Clive

Clive & Theresa
13th & 14th December 2008
Kertsbier Festival at Essen

David & Martin

Paulette, Paul & Thom

MattS, Claire & Black Haddock

Paul, Thom & Jezza

The 5 Santas

ChrisO & Thom

Podge, Claire, MatW & Thom

SteveN, Black Haddock, ? &Marcus

Martin, Emma & Clive

SteveH with 1 antler :)

SteveN, FredW, & SteveH


David, Marcus & MatW

Santa SteveH

Jezza & SteveH


Gunter, Emma, Marcus & Jezza

Paulette – hmm what shall I try next?

Jezza & Tom

SteveH & that cup of tea! :)

Emma, Theresa & Jezza

Thom & SteveH

Lynn, Des & Theresa



ChrisO & Ruth

We talked to this guy at the front of the queue for getting in on the Sunday

Santa Clive



Clive & SteveN

Santas SteveH & Clive

Charlotte & Jan

Santa SteveH

The OBER staff

Gunter’s family

Staff again

Jezza & Theresa

Theresa & SteveN

We’re not sure about this Santa chap!

SteveN, ChrisO, Jan, Charlotte & Ruth

no comment :)

Des & ChrisO


Ruth, ChrisO, Clive & Charlotte


I think they want us to leave!

Jezza & Jan
Week in Brugge 14th to 21st November 2008
14th November 2008
Babblefest in the Beertje

Ruth & ChrisO in the Beertje


Theresa, Jezza, Emma & Clive in the Beertje

Lupulus label

ChuckC & Jezza

St Bernardus Xmas

SteveN, DaveG & Paul

Ruth, ChuckC & Paulette

Beertje 2

Thom, Emma & ChrisO

SteveN, DaveG, Paul & Sandra

SteveH & Jezza

Ruth, Bram & ChuckC

La Chouffe

Thom & Paulette


Clive with an Aardmonnik

Clive with an Aardmonnik

Teresa, Theresa & Jezza

Thom & Paulette

Teresa, Theresa, MatW & MartinR

MatW & MartinR



Jezza & SteveN
15th November 2008
Brugge Beer Festival

The Hall

Guilan a local friend


David & MatW

Malheur sign

Johan aka Black Beastie


Podge & SteveH

ChuckC, Podge & Siobhan

15th November 2008
‘t Poatersgat

The Door

Statue in the bar


Claudine & husband locals at the bar

Fabulous atmosphere

Extensive CD selection

mmmm Cuvee de troll!

The fridges

Gouden Carolous Christmas in new style glass

Lindeman Frambois

Gouden Carolous Christmas

De Ranke Pere Noel

Pere Noel bottle

Watou wit
16th November 2008
The coach trip organised by Jezza with assistance from David & Andy of Bier Mania
De Gans at Huise

The Geese!


Stuart & Pete

SteveH & Paul

Beer mat Geese

Zottegem Kriek

Braven Apostel


Emma, MatW & David

Mort Subite Kriek Lambic about 25 years old

ChrisO & Ian

ChuckC & Paul

Warren, ChrisO & Ian

Signs on the wall

De Gans
De Pikardijn at Sint-Lievens-Houtem

Water feature

Antoine the owner


Floreffe sign

Lamb Steak withMushroon Sauce

Potatoes au Gratin


Eating at Pikardijn

MatW, Ruth, ChrisO, Marcus, Briony & Warren

DaveG, Kathy & Emma

MartinR, Stuart, Paulette, Thom, Pete & SteveN

SteveN, Paulette & David leaving Pikarden

The Pikardijn sign
’t Gaverhopke at Harelbeke

Group photo, left to right – SteveN, Briony, Marcus, ChuckC, David, Warren, SteveH, Emma, Simon, Theresa, Clive, MartinR, Paulette, Sandra, ChrisO, Paul, DaveG, Kathy, Stuart & Thom

The beers

Marcus & Briony

SteveH, Sandra, SteveN & Paul

Bruno in the brewery
picobrouwerij Alvinne at Heule



Stuart, SteveH, DaveG, & Kathy

Pete, Theresa & Stuart

The beers


Glen & Jezza

Glen & Davy

Marcus & Clive

Davy & Glen

The beer shop

Brewery Plaque

More shop shelves


Shop shelves
Kroegske at Izegem and the train journey back to Brugge

MatW & Jezza


MatW with a lively little number

It may be lively but it is still drinkable!

Jezza & Theresa


Finishing the day at Brugs Beertje



Theresa & Jezza

SteveN, ChrisO, Sandra & Paul

Thom & ChrisO
17th November 2008
Aaaah back to our normal relaxing week starting in Beertje

Tongerlo Christmas mat on the pump

Tongerlo Christmas the beer

The Crystal beer

Fantome beer

Bram at work

Maarten not working!




18th November 2008

The glass shelves


No comment!

Maarten working

Your beer sir

Smitsje Halloween







It smells OK!


Clive, Teresa & Warren

Clive, Teresa & Warren



The draught beers
20th November 2008
Our last night spent in Brugs Beertje and ‘t Poatersgat

Oh no! which do I drink first?

BAB’s own beer

Piet, Pete & Sylvie

Piet, Pete & Sylvie

Rich3 (friend of JimK)

Johan aka Black Beastie

Pete & Johan

Santa Beer

Gouden Carolous & 1 year old N’ice Chouffe on tap in Beertje


Rich & two locals



mmmm dinner too!

The two bears


Johan again!

Maarten again!



Xavier of Halve Maan

Aardmonick label centre

Aardmonick label left

Aardmonick label right
Week in Brugge 4th to 11th July 2008
4th July 2008
This was one of our usual weeks in Brugge, when we booked it we did not know that it would also include a mini beer festival at the Brugs Beertje on the Sunday to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the bar.
As we did not need to bring back a lot of beer we decided this time to travel out by Eurostar and to give us a little extra room we went leisure select which includes a meal on the train served at our seats, the staff are well drilled in the procedure for this to enable a very efficient service.

The journey was uneventful and as usual the Eurostar tickets included onward travel to any station in Belgium, as they were leisure select tickets this enabled us to travel first class on Belgian Railways so we were able to have a seat which is not always possible in second class. Travelling by Eurostar also meant that we did not have an early start from home like we do when we take the car this meant that although we had been travelling for a large part of the day we were not as tired when we arrived in Brugge as we usually are.

After arriving at the apartment we rent we had quick showers to allow us to get to the Beertje for opening time, we knew that after the Sunday beer festival the Beertje would be closed for the rest of our stay so we wanted to make the most of the days that it was open. When we were over in March Clive had been talking to Martin one of the barmen at the Beertje, he had inherited his grandfather’s cellar of old beers and it had been agreed that in exchange for some good English real ales he would swap some of the bottles he had of beers that were not his particular favourites. We therefore went with a supply of 6 beers from a combination of small local breweries to us and some good more mainstream breweries, in exchange Martin supplied two bottles of Bush 12 an Oerbier and a Westmalle triple all of which we believe to have been about 20 years old (more on those later).

We had a few beers in the Beertje to greet our friends there and then moved on to t’ Poatersgat to say hello to our other friends there and tomake the most of the time the Beertje was open we moved back there to finish the evening.
Beertje 25th Anniversary beer
Boon Framboise
Cuvee de Trolls
La Chouffe
Watou wit

Beertje 25th Anniversary beer
t’ Smitsje Wostyntje
Boon Gueuze Mariage Parfait 2003
La Chouffe
Gouden Carolus Classic (draught)
Gouden Caroulus Hopsinjoor
Westmalle Dubbel

Beertje customers from the UK

More UK visitors
5th July 2008
This was the last normal evening we would be able to spend in the Beertje due to the beer festival the following day and the annual holiday closure for the rest of our week there so we decided to stay there for the whole evening. As usual we met some people in the Berrtje from various countries across the world including Geir & Turid from Norway who it turned out were bikers and along conversation about motorbikes between Clive and the couple followed. We also met the couple that run the Urthel brewery and Pete & Sylvia regular visitors from the UK.
Girardin Framboos
Poperinge Nunnebier
Tripel Karmeliet
Smitsje Fiori
Maredsous 8
Cuvee de Trolls

Cantillon Gueuze
Mariau Oude Gueuze
Aardmonnik (75cl)
Oud Beersel Gueuze
Boon Gueuze Mariage Parfait
Rochefort 6


Struisse - Aardmonik


More UK visitors

Geik & Turid from Norway

Hildegarde Brewer from Urthel

Bas from Leyerth Brewery

Maredsous 8

Smitsje Fiori

Pete & Sylvia

Bram hard at work

UK visitors

That’s not nice Dave :)



6th July 2008
The day of the 25th Anniversary beer festival and due to the special event the Beertje opened at the earlier time of 2pm, a group of babblers including, Us, Jeremy, Teresa, Thom, Paulette, Dave, Debbie and Nellie were there for opening time. The road outside the Beertje was closed and tables and chairs had been set up outside, all of the normal tables and chairs inside had been removed leaving only the benches round the walls some chairs in the backroom and some tall tables, thismeant that many more people could be accommodated. The beers available for the day were limited to the anniversary beer and Malheur10 from the barrels and various 75cl bottles in Beertje 2 and 5 beers on draught, measures were limited to 15cl or 25cl and like normal Belgian beer festivals payment was made by tokens. Within 2 hours the first of the 754cl bottles ran out this was the “Black Albert” and although this was a stronger beer that is normally left until later in the day to try it was very popular amongst the knowledgeable beer people present and as it israrely seen they all made a beeline for it hence the short time of availability.We worked our way through many of the beers available including the following:
Clive: Black Albert, Lupulas, Cuvee Elektrik, Saison Dupont, Biere de Miele, Malheur 10 & 25th Anniversary beer from Regenboog
Teresa: Femme Fatale, Saint Helene, Biere de Miele, Watou wit, Cuvee Elektrik, Malheur 10 & Saison dupont

We then all left to go and have some food and a few beers in t’ Poatersgat where it was much quieter
Clive: Drie Fonteine Gueuze, Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor & La Chouffe
Teresa: Troubadour blond, Witkap Stimulo & La Chouffe

We decided we would then go back to see how things were going at Beertje to find that a llot more of the beers had run out but we did manage to find a few to sample as follows:
Clive: Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor, Chimay Wit & Kapittel Pater
Teresa: Lupulus, Chimay Wit & Kapittel Pater.

To finish the night we went back to Poatersgat for one last beer each: Clive – Pannepot and Teresa – La Chouffe. We then called it a night

The anniversary cake

Pete & Sylvia

The party continued outside

If you wanted to drive down this road, hard luck!

Dave talking to dog owners

Locals celebrating the Beertje’s anniversary

Sylvia, Thom, Jezza & Clive

The special festival glass

Tom, Daria and their son

Marlene helping out


Some strange people (Clive, Ian & Johan aka Black Beastie)

Daisy & Clive

Jezza in Poatersgat




Teresa, a rare picture of me!
7th July 2008
Beertje is now closed for the remainder of our weeks stay, oh no what are we going to do!
Well Black Beastie (aka Johan) was going to take us to De Torre in De Haan but whilst travelling to Ostend on the train he rang them to find that they were closed on this day so we stayed in Ostende to visit some bars that he knew there, we started at Filosoof which has to be seen to be believed, it is not a particularly good place for beers but the owner is an artist and the place is adorned with masses of his work, this includes stuffed fish, nets, paintings and all sorts of strange stuff, we had a few De Konincks here before moving on to the “Dragonfly” formerly know as the Ostend beer café, I loved the décor of this place well at least the dragons hanging from the ceiling holding Orbs that were the lights, again not a huge beer selection, we just had one standard beer each here (De Koninck & Palm) before leaving to try the Bottlje over the road which was closed for refurbishment so back to Filosoof we went for one more De Koninck before getting the train back to Brugge. On arriving in Brugge we agreed to meet up after a quick shower for a meal in Den Huzaar in Vlamingstraat, we had a very nice meal in Den Huzaar and we will definitely eat there again. With Beertje closed we finished off the day in Poatersgat where we bumped into Henry a local that we have seen regularly on our visits to Brugge.
Clive: Duchesse de Bourgogne (with dinner), La Chouffe, Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor, Pannepot & St Bernardus 12
Teresa: Duvel (with dinner), Margriet (not a very good beer to the point that I couldn’t drink it), Lindeman Framboise & Waaslander.
8th July 2008
We had planned on going to Brussels toMoeder Lambic on this day until we found out what the train fare would be on a weekday and rapidly changed our minds! So we spent the evening in Poatersgat instead where we met a group of 4 young men from the UK, Jack, Danny, Patrick & James who were just starting to learn about Belgian beer so we had to help them out ;)
It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening which didn’t finish until 2am!
Clive: Oud Beersel Gueuze, De Koninck, La Trappe Quadrupel, Gouden Carolus Classic, Orval, Cantillon Gueuze, La Chouffe & Boon Gueze Mariage Parfait
Teresa: Cuvee de Trolls, De Koninck, St Bernardus Triple, St Bernardus Wit & Lindeman Framboise

2 of the young English men

and a 3rd

Other 2 young English men
9th July 2008
A very wet day and an evening in Poatersgat where we met Steve from the USA & Taylor & Adam who where planning a film or TV documentary on small brewers ;). It was also Renus’s night off but he came in for a drink later on and joined us for a chat when his friends left.
Another relaxing and enjoyable evening again finishing at about 2am, well we were on holiday!
Clive: La Chouffe, Troubadour Obscura, Oud Beersel Gueuze, Cantillon Gueuze, Helleketel bier & Watou Wit
Teresa: Cuvee de Trolls, Double Enghien blonde, La Chouffe, Flierfluter & Saxo



Clive & Steve

Frederick now working in Poatersgat

The US film makers

Frederick & Renus

Renus off duty
10th July 2008
Our last day, we started off by making the journey to De Torre with Johan via a train to Ostend and a tram along the coast to De Haan. We stayed here for a few beers whilst watching the owner preparing a huge pan of Spaghetti Bolognese sauce and then travelled back to Brugge to Poatersgat to say goodbye to our friends.
Clive: Boon Gueze Mariage Parfait, Girardin Gueuze, De Cam Gueuze, De Koninck & La Chouffe
Teresa: La Chouffe, Lindeman Framboise, Westmalle triple, Watou Wit & Cuvee de Trolls

And that was the end of another relaxing and enjoyable week in Brugge
Weekend in Brugge 25th to 28th April 2008
25th April 2008
This trip was partly planned by Jeremy to celebrate his 40th birthday, we had booked the apartment we usually use as it is very close to the Markt and central for all places we would be going to.
As it was only a weekend trip we decided to travel by eurostar rather than taking the car through the tunnel. This meant a more normal departure time of 7.20am or it would have been if our taxi had turned up! As we were travelling by train, when the taxi had not arrived by 7.30 we called to find that our booking had not been recorded, we were promised a taxi within 5 to 6 minutes and it duly arrived, as we had allowed extra time we were still able to catch our planned train.
We stopped for bacon and egg rolls at a café outside Marylebone station (very nice they were too) before travelling on to St Pancras. After checking in we found Thom & Paulette who were also travelling on the same eurostar but in the next coach to ours.
The Eurostar departed on time at 10am arriving in Brussels at 13.03, we had a short wait for the train to Brugge arriving at our rented apartment just before 3pm. After a trip out for supplies from the Supermarket and quick showers we decided to meet up with our friends in the Beertje for the early session which we were originally not planning on doing. We arrived at Brugse Beertje just after opening time to find Jeremy, Theresa, Thom, Paulette, Chris, Ruth, David, Debbie, Nellie (dog) and JoeS already there. We had a short session there also seeing Renus one of the co owners of ‘t Poatersgat who had popped in for a beer before starting work. Beers consumed were Arend Triple on draught, Kapitel Pater on draught and Girardin Framboise all of which we had had before and knew to be good beers, the Girardin Framboise being a particular favourite of mine when I want something that is not too strong
When everyone else was going off for dinner we went to ‘t Poatersgat to say hello to our friends in there, we were advised by Renus when we got there that Luc was no longer involved with the bar, after knowing Luc for many years we now have no idea where or when we may see him again. We had a couple of beers here being the draught Chouffe, this is another favourite beer of mine but as it is usually only sold in 75cl bottles I make the most of it when I find it on draught. We were also told that Frederic who used to work in Beertje was now working in ‘t Poatersgat and was currently having a drink in De Zolder before arriving for work, he did arrive just in time for us to say hello and goodbye before heading off over the road to De Zolder.
De Zolder is now run by Guy and as it is a part time position for him the hours that the bar is open are not what they used to be, Guy is going to email me details of the opening hours so that I can include them on this site for information purposes. After one quick drink here being a La Chouffe for Clive and a Barbar winterbok for me we headed back to Beertje 2 for the main birthday celebration, it had been arranged in advance with Daisy that we would be able to use Beertje 2 as there were going to be quite a number of us.
A large number of the expected attendees were already at Beertje when we arrived, many more arriving before we left these included Jeremy, Theresa, Thom, Paulette, David, Debbie, Nellie, Chris, Ruth, Johan B, Emma, ATPete, Tim, Joris, Peter, Stewart, Tim Webb, Gunter, Caped Brewsader, Andy (Bier Mania), Martin, Gian, Giorgio, Betty, Marco, Steve and anyone else I missed :) As promised a special beer had been provided by the Struisse Brewery which was a Pannepot Grand Reserve which went down very well, it had been a tiring day with the journey over so by about 10pm we were tired and decided to call it a night especially as we had to be up to catch the coach the following day.
26th April 2008
We had planned on having toast and Danish pastries for breakfast but for some reason they did not arrive from the bakery. On our walk down to catch the coach we passed a shop selling filled baguettes and croissants so we stocked up on these instead and very nice they were too. The coach was due to leave at 10.15, everyone was there in good time. Considering the trip had started off as being 8 people in a minibus we ended up with 27 people on a 59 seater luxury coach which was a little on the large side for some of the roads we were to be travelling on!
Our first stop was Brasserie Thiriez in Escquelbecq just over the French border where we tried 3 of the beers available on the day being the Ambre?, La Maline and Etoile du Nord all of which were very good.
We then travelled on to Het Blauwershof in Godeswaerelde for lunch which was Flemish stew with frites accompanied by the house beer Blauwersbier which came in 75cl bottles so we shared one as we still had much of the day ahead of us.
From here we travelled on to In de Vrede in Westvleteren where we spent two hours, I decided to stick with the Westvletern Blonde but Clive tried all three of the Blonde, 8 and 12. As we had travelled to Belgium by train we had decided not buy beers to take back with us which meant that the lack of any beer for sale at Westvleteren other than the presentation packs of 4 beers and a glass did not worry us. It was a beautifully sunny day which meant that the tables outside the café were all full so we had no choice but to sit inside. Whilst we were there the UK premiership football game between Manchester United and Chelsea was being played luckily I had taken a small personal radio with me that Jeremy borrowed to listen to the game but unfortunately Manchester United didn’t realize they were supposed to win for Jeremy’s birthday!
After Westvleteren we travelled on to De Dolle Brouwers which was not overly busy and so we were able this time to sit outside and enjoy the spring sunshine, oh and the tug of war going on next door!. I had the Arabier and Clive had the Oerbier and Export Stout, we had a very pleasant time sitting in the sun and chatting not long before we were due to leave the brewer came out with bottles of the Oerbier Special Reserva 2004 to share among us, the general opinion I think was that this was the best beer of the day although not to my taste, this rounded off what was a very enjoyable day out, but it did not finish the day’s activities.
On returning to Brugge we went back to our apartment to freshen up, picked up something to eat at the Frituur on the Markt and headed back to Brugse Beertje for the remainder of the evening. Many of our fellow travelers that day didn’t manage to make it back to the Beertje so it was just a small select few that enjoyed the rest of this day. As the group was much smaller we managed to sit at the bar which we always find to give a much better experience. Having taken it relatively easy during the day we were able to enjoy several beers in Beertje before leaving for the night at a little after 2am! Clive started off with a Boon Gueuze Marriage Parfait a favourite of his and followed up with and Urthel Hop-It, an XX bitter, a dangerous Bush 12, Smitsje dubbel IPA (on draught) and a Saison dupont. I wanted to keep this light again so started with the Girardin Framboise, then a cuvee de trolls, l’eau, Barbar, Tripel Karmeliet, Delirium Tremens and a watou wit all of which are regular favourites (well except perhaps l’eau). This finished off perfectly a very enjoyable day which I am sure will become a regular trip in the future with slight variations to the destinations each time.
27th April 2008
After the previous long day we had a relaxed morning in the apartment and watched the Grand Prix before heading off out, apologies Jeremy we didn’t make it to De Garre for your last drink before you returned home.
As this was a Sunday we travelled by train down to Izegem to go to Kroegske which is a favourite bar but cannot be visited on many days of the week as it is not open! We arrived shortly after opening time (5pm) to be greeted by Danny and Nadine who always remember us, when we first visited this bar Danny did not have any of his own beers, In November 2006 we tried the first of his beers that is brewed for him at the Alvinne brewery, this time his range has extended to 6 of his own beers being Kroegbier Goud, Pater, Wit, Saison, Tripel and Super we had tried 4 of these before so we had to try the other two! We usually find that he also has other beers that we do not see elsewhere so we always look to see if there is something new we have not had before.
We both decided to try the Tripel as our first beer this is made from a recipe designed by Nadine which includes Westmalle yeast and is a nice refreshing beer. Clive then tried the Super and I had a Primula brewed for Lupiline at Alvinne using cascade hops and coriander, we finished off with a Wevelgemse tripel each before catching the train back to Brugge for our last visit to Brugse Beertje this weekend.
Back in Beertje we met Thom & Paulette who were still in Brugge and later Chris & Ruth joined us, we did not want a late night as we had to catch a train the following morning, we started off with two beers we had had earlier this weekend being the Girardin Framboise and the Arend Tripel Martin the barman then suggested that if I liked the framboise maybe I should try a Strawberry beer, I have never had one of these and was recommended to try the Oud Beitje, unfortunately I could not get to grips with this beer it was a little too sour for my taste and I only managed to drink half of it before moving on to a Cuvee des Trolls and a Tripel Karmeliet, meanwhile Clive went back to the XX Bitter for his last two beers before leaving.
28th April 2008
Having had an earlyish night we were up bright and early, so early that we walked to the station instead of catching a taxi, we had an uneventful journey home on the midday eurostar, stopping to buy prawns for the cats at Marylebone station we were home by mid afternoon.
Photos of the Brugge weekend:
25th April 2008
Chris & Clive

Theresa & Jeremy


Thom & Paulette
Ruth, JohanB, Steve, Jeremy, Joris, Joe & Chris

Emma, Martin & Thom
Crowd in Beertje 2
more crowd

Jeremy still standing?
Paulette & Peter
ATPete & Tim

Gian & Giorgio

Marco & Betty
Stewart, Jeremy & Clive
Teresa & Theresa

Clive & Andy

Giorgio & Martin (always smiling!)

JohanB, Phil & Steve
Joris & JoeS

Steve & Joris

Teresa & Jeremy

Clive & Andy
Clive & Andy

Giorgio & Tim

Jeremy with birthday presents


Jeremy & another bottle



Jeremy and birthday shirt


Birthday gift

Clive & Johan B

Clive & JohanB

David & Debbie


David & Debbie

Clive & Steve
Crowd in Beetje 2


Theresa & Peter

Clive & Jeremy

Clive & Jeremy


Peter & Stewart

Andy & Tim Webb

Thom, Theresa, Paulette & Peter

26th April 2008
In Brasserie Thierez
Brasserie Thierez

Brasserie Thierez
in Brasserie Thierez
In Brasserie Thierez

Jeremy, Theresa & Johan


Me, Emma, Theresa, Steve & Johan

Emma, Theresa, Me & Johan
Steve, Jeremy & Emma

Pete & Chris

Andy, Tim & Chris

In Het Brauwershof
Jeremy, Thom & Tom playing games
Jeremy, Thom& Tom playing games watched by Chris

Paulette & Tom In de Vrede

Johan & Joris In de Vrede
Being arty Inde Vrede

The overhead view

De Dolle Brouwers

Clive & Jeremy in De Dolle Brouwers garden

Steve about to eat


Steve eating mmmmm



The Oerbier Special Reserva 2004

and close up

Els of De Dolle Brouwers

Kris of De Dolle Brouwers
Joris & Tom


No I really didn’t have a banana beer!

Martin hard at work and still smiling

No comment!

Best man of a stag party in Beertje

Another of the stag party

I think he’s had enough now

Primula in Kroegske

Kroegbier Super
Kroegske’s own beers, Goud, Tripel & Super with an Alvinne Maurootje

Wevelgemse Tripel
Week in Brugge 29th February to 7th March 2008
29th February 2008
This trip was planned to coincide with ZBF so on arrival in Brugge on Friday we decided on a quiet night to ensure we were fresh for the festival on Saturday. As usual we start in the Brugs Beertje for a while later moving on to ‘t Poatersgat to say hi to our friends and have one drink there before calling it a night
Ename Blonde
t’ Smitsje dubbel IPA
Bourgogne des Flandres blonde
Barbar Winterbok
Cuvee des trolls *2
La Chouffe

Vicars generaal
t’ Smitsje Catherine Stout
Vicardin Tripel Gueuze
Pannepot *3
La Chouffe
1st March 2008
We arrived at St Niklaas in time to join the queue for opening time and spent 5 hours there trying several different beers each, for us ZBF is our chance to try beers that we cannot get elsewhere, there were not a great deal there this year that we had not tried before and we found that the venue become far too crowded later on.

On leaving ZBF we returned to Brugge to call in at the Beertje for a few before another relatively early night.
Cookie Beer - Ecaussinnes
Vlaskop - Strubbe
Badfride Tripel – ‘t Hofbrouwerijke
Balzello - Boelens
Belgoo Magus - Belgoobeer
Cre tonnerre – de Silly
’t Smitsje Fiori – Regenboog
Girardin Framboise
Watou Wit
Cuvee de trolls
Tripel Karmeliet

Ultramour - Ecaussinnes
Petrus Aged Pale
Bosprotter – ‘t Hofbrouwerijke
Hofblues – ‘t Hofbrouwerijke
Hofdraak – ‘t Hofbrouwerijke
Halleschelle – Alvinne
Alvinne Xtra Blonde *3
Tripel Karmeliet

2nd March 2008
We decided to go to Brussels to visit Moeder Lambic on the Sunday and spent a very pleasant few hours there. This included a tour of the cellar with Jean, the cellar is being prepared for group tastings in the future and is looking very good. Advance booking of the cellar will be required when it is ready for use. On leaving Moeder Lambic we returned to Brugge again to finish the evening in Beertje.
Grisette aux fruits des bois (draught)
Achel Blonde
Cuvee de trolls
Tripel Karmeliet
Dragon – a green coloured beer
Watou wit
Saison dupont
Cuvee de trolls

Gouyasse III
Taras Boulba
Stouterik *2
Lambic Cantillon (draught)
Goude Carolus Classic (draught) *4
3rd March 2008
This was the first day that we did not spend any time travelling and we decided to spend the evening in the Brugs Beertje where we met up with Des & Lyn who had also been over for ZBF
Cuvee de trolls
Gouden Carolus Easter (75cl *1/3)
t’smitsje Honinge
Piet Agoras
Tripel Karmeliet

Gouden Carolus Classic
Couden Carolus Easter (75cl *2/3)
3 Fonteine Vintage Gueuze
Oude Beersel Gueuze
t’ Smitsje Dubbel IPA
Gouden Carolus Classic
Oerbier Speciale Reserva 2006
4th March 2008
Tuesday night in the Beertje.
Beers Teresa

Cuvee de trolls
St Feuillien Tripel
St Bernardus Tripel
La Chouffe
St Bernardus Wit
Cuvee de trolls

Oud Beersel Gueuze
Gouden Carolus Classic
Cuvee van de Kaizer 2002 (75cl)
Brugse Zot Bruin (www.brugsezot.be)
Dolle Brouwers Export Stout
Gouden Carolus Classic *3
5th March 2008
I was feeling unwell on the Wednesday so we had an easy day in the apartment. We had planned on visiting Kogge but I did not feel up to it so we didn’t go out until later in the evening. When we didventure out we went to ‘t Poatersgat but I didn’t feel much better so we didn’t stay long and had a very early night!
Beers Teresa

Ezel wit left for Clive to finish

La Chouffe *4
Ezel wit that I couldn’t drink
6th March 2008
Our last night where we have to say goodbye to all our friends. We had managed to get in touch with our old friends Luc & Monique who used to run Restaurant the Fox in Phillipstockstraat and they had invited us round to their house for Luc’s wonderful steak in Bearnaise sauce later in the evening so we had to ensure our time in the Beertje and t’ Poatersgat did not make us late for our dinner date. We had a few beers and said goodby to all our friends then moved onto Luc and Monique’s as usual the steak was perfect. We left with a plan that we will meet up with Luc and Monique once a year in future but hopefully not on our last night in Brugge again.

Cuvee de trolls
Witkap tripel
t’ smisje Blond


Bolliker *2
Gouden Carolus Classic
Rochefort 6
7th March 2008
A slightly longer journey home this time as queues were announced on the M25 so we came off the M20 early to avoid the problems only to see a reasonably moving M25 in the distance and to get caught in local traffic ourselves, guess we won’t be trying that again.
Photos of the Brugge week:
1st March 2008 at ZBF
Lutje, Jean & Jeremy

Jeremy and tombola winnings

Paulette & ?


Jeremy looking at the pictures :)

Fred W

crowd at ZBF

David A & Joris

Theresa busy working and not drinking at ZBF!

Paulette, Thom etc.

2nd March 2008
Moeder Lambic bar

Draught beers in Moeder Lambic

Moeder Lambic bar

Cellar in Moeder Lambic

Clive & Jean in the Cellar of Moeder Lambic

the workings!
Martin in Brugs Beertje
Clive and Teresa from behind the Beertje bar!

Desiree & Frederick (Ex Beertje barman)
Bram, Desiree & Frederick

Martin being the boss!

Frederick in serious mode

Dolle Brouwers Export Stout

Clive & Eli

Gouden Carolus metal sign behind Beertje bar

Is that the time?

Cuvee van de Kaizer 2002

Xavier of De Halve Maan Brewery

Des & Lyn

Des & Lyn

Visitors in Beertje



Roger from Drakes Brewing California






Martin hard at work