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Official site of the Campaign for real ale

Why not join Camra when visiting the site?

The Chiltern Brewery
This family owned and run micro brewery was founded in 1980 and was one of the first of the "new wave" micro-breweries in England. It is now by some margin the oldest working brewery in Buckinghamshire, the brewery has pioneered not only several new types of product with a unique beer relationship, but a revolutionary style of operation too. Please visit their website www.Chilternbrewery.co.uk for details of their products, tours, functions and the brewing process.
Rebellion Brewery Co.
The Rebellion Beer Company was chosen as the name for the new brewery. Brewing equipment was designed and purchased. Towards the end of 1992 all the planning had been completed and all that was left to be done was to find suitable premises. Eventually, two small adjacent industrial units were found on the Rose Business Estate in Marlow Bottom. The surrounding chalky Chiltern hills providing water high in minerals and salts essential for producing high quality and distinctive real ale. The first commercial beers were brewed and tasted in April 1993 and the company soon developed a good local following for its cask conditioned ales. By spring 1995 the brewery was running at it’s full capacity of 50 barrels per week. New premises were required for various reasons and at the beginning of January ’99, after the extensive renovation of two barns, the first brew was completed at the new site, Bencombe Farm in Marlow Bottom, 1 month after the closure of the old site. Please visit their website www.rebellionbeer.co.uk/ for details of their products, tours, functions, etc.

Banbury Beer Festival – 11th May 2012

Drinking ale is a tiring business :)




The Craft– 25th February 2012

The bar

Jezza’s brother & wife

Jezza, Theresa, Jezza’s brother & wife

Emma, Jezza & Theresa

The Cask, MikeK & Jennie’s visit– 27th January 2012

Jezza, Theresa & Clive

MikeK & Jennie

MikeK & Jennie + bump

Brew dog – 14th January 2012

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

The Craft – 15th October 2011


Clive & Emma

? & Jezza

? & Teresa

Clive & Emma

Clive & Emma



Theresa, Jezza & Clive


The Harp – Camra Pub of the year 2010 – 17th September 2011

The Bar

Dark Star beer mats

Dark Star beer mats

King William IV - Brodies brewery tap – 3rd September 2011

Simon & Jackie

Theresa & Jezza

Emma & ChisO

ChrisO & Ian Harrison

Jezza & Clive

Southampton Arms & The Craft – 20th August 2011

Milton Brewery Colossus




Martin & Clive

Southampton Arms & The Craft – 13th August 2011

Southampton arms clock, does it ever show the right time?

Southampton Arms mirror

Southampton arms mirror

Southampton Arms menu

Simon & Jezza

Theresa & Jackie


Jackie concentrating deeply

Simon & Jezza



The Craft – 23rd July 2011

Ian Harrison & friends


Craft bar

The Craft – 9th July 2011

MikeK in the Craft

MikeK in the Craft

RayB in the Craft

Emma in the Craft


Craft taps

Craft ceiling

Mirror in Craft

Kernel Brewery

Oxford and RayB’s summer house – 21st May 2011

White Horse

Clive, Jezza & Theresa

White Horse

It’s this way!

It’s definitely this way!

The summer house


The Cask Pub & Kitchen, London – 19th Febuary 2011

Jezza – First there was one

Jezza – Now there are two!

The Cask Pub & Kitchen, London – 5th Febuary 2011

Simon & ?


Ruth & Chris

The Cask Pub & Kitchen, London – 8th January 2011


Angela & Brian


The Harp, London – 1st January 2011

The Southampton Arms & The Euston Tap, London – 29th December 2010

The Cask Pub & Kitchen, London – 11th December 2011

The Cask Pub & Kitchen, London – 20th November 2010

The Southampton Arms & The Euston Tap, London – 6th November 2010

The Library Club, The Victoria, London – 29th May 2010

Dai & David


Thom & Jezza



Thom, Jezza & Snuffel


Dai & David


A very comfortable Nellie

Nellie & Snuffel


David, Snuffel & Dai

Theresa & Debbie hiding :)

Brief visit to the Edgar Wallace, London – 30th April 2010

Mini pub crawl, London – 27th March 2010

The White Horse, Parsons Green, London – 20th February 2010

Jezza & David


Theresa & Debbie

Larua & Maria

Jezza & Debbie


Clive & Teresa


David & Jezza

The Harp, Chandos Place, London – 6th February 2010

Mat’s birthday at Ely beer festival – 16th January 2010

David & Thom


Mat & David

Johan & Clive

Mat cutting the cake

The cake

Clare & Mat



The Harp, Chandos Place, London – 29th December 2009









Beer mats

Brighton – 19th December 2009

Debbie & Jezza




Mat & friend


David pouring a large bottle of Guldren Draak

The Gulden Draak bottle

Jezza with bottle of ?

St Feillien Christmas in a box

Bottle of St Feuillien Christmas

Mat’s friend

Mat & friend


Mat & Clive


Debbie & Teresa


? & Mat

Mat’s friend 2

Mat & Clive

Old Ale Festival, White Horse, Parsons Green – 27th & 28th November 2009

Theresa & Debbie


Simon & Jackie

Theresa & Jezza

Clive, Lorenzo & Teresa

Simon, Lorenzo & Matt

Clive & Matt

Clive & Matt


Emma & Clive


Thom & Jezza

Clive & Teresa

Jezza, Theresa, Debbie & David

Theresa & Debbie



Greg, Jezza & Emma

Greg, Paula & Emma


The Harp & Ship and Shovel both near Trafalgar Square– 25th July 2009

The Harp

The Harp

The Harp

The Harp

Clive in the Snug at The Ship and Shovel

The Ship and Shovel

The Ship and Shovel

The White Horse, Parsons Green – 3rd July 2009 US Beer Festival



? & ?


Ian & ?

Thom & ChrisO

ChrisO & Clive

MatW & Podge

?, ? & Ian


David, Jeremy & MatW


? Sorry I forgot, blame the beer!

Jezza and hmmm MatW

David, Martin & Jezza



MatW & Emma


Thom, Martin & Jezza

The Cellar

More Cellar


The Victoria near Paddington – 21st March 2009

The Library

Pub sign

The Library

more of the Library

The Library again


Paulette & Thom

Teachers Debbie & Theresa !

Jeremy at the flip chart

and Clive joining in too

David & Debbie


Jeremy & Clive


David & Jeremy




David & Jeremy

Theresa & Debbie

Paulette & Thom

White Horse, Parsons Green Old Ale Festival - 29th November 2008

Denise, Paulette, Thom & Ray

Ray & friend

Sim, ChrisO & Paul

Theresa, David & Debbie

Paulette, Thom & Ray

Pete & ErikH

David & Debbie

Emma & Theresa

Clive & Emma

? & ChrisO

Pete, Jezza & ErikH

Dean & Lynne (non babblers)

Pete & Paul

Pauline & ChrisO

Paul & Sim

Woking Beer Festival - 8th November 2008

Jezza, Theresa, Teresa, Thom & Paulette

Jezza, Theresa, Thom, Paulette & Clive

The Wurlitzer



Clive doing the Dambusters

The Wurlitzer hall

Thom, Theresa, Jezza & Paulette

Len at the Wurlitzer

Theresa singing along

Jezza get off of that stage you naughty boy!

Zeitgeist at the Jolly Gardeners - 10th October 2008

Fuschen Alt


Hmmm, What next!


Clive & Andy

Clive & Andy

Beer Exposed at the London Design Centre - 27th September 2008

Alhambra Brewery

Harviestoun – Bitter & Twisted

Little Valley Brewery – 100% organic

Brasserie Duyck – Jenlain beers

Exmoor Brewery

Part of their beautiful bar runner, it was too big to get it all in

The beast bottles on the Exmoor stand

Fullers Brewery

Jonathan from Fullers

Rothaus Brewery – German organic beers

Left Hand Brewery (Brewer?)

Beers from Left Hand, Rogue, Goose Island, Great divide, Anchor, Sierra Nevada & Flying dog

Rogue banner

Brooklyn Beers

Brooklyn banner

Brooklyn stand staff

Cumbrian beer festival at the Bricklayers Arms, Putney 12th September 2008

The Victoria – Mini Babblefest 30th August 2008

Teresa, Paulette (It was this big) & Thom



Theresa & Clive

Theresa & Jezza

Dave & Debbie


Nellie, Theresa & Jezzie


Thom, Paulette, Dave, Theresa, Teresa, Debbie & Clive

Thom, Teresa, Paulette, Dave, Theresa, Jezza & Debbie


Thom, Teresa, Paulette, Theresa, Dave, Debbie & Jezza

Teresa, Paulette & Thom

Thom, Paulette, Theresa, Teresa, Dave, Debbie & Clive

Teresa & Paulette or should that be Zombie!


Teresa (hmm not sure what I was doing there), Paulette & Thom


Teresa & Paulette

Thom, Dave & Debbie

Teresa (how did so many pictures of me get on my camera?!) & Paulette

Thom & Dave

Paulette & Thom

The White Horse Parsons Green – Pre GBBF Babblefest 8th August 2008

Paulette, Pete & Jezza


Paulette, Pete, Theresa, Jezza & Thom

Theresa, Paulette & Thom – What am I drinking?

Pete, Stuart & Theresa

Jezza, ?,? & ? (sorry I forgot)

And the most important attendee of all - Nellie

The Library at The Victoria a very nice Fullers pub near Paddington 2nd February 2008

Paulette & Debbie






David & Thom


Teresa & Paulette




Paulette & Debbie

Theresa & the obligatory dance ! ;)

The great surroundings

More of the Library


GBBF 10th August 2007

The 1/3 pint glass



Chris O and friends

Piers & Martin




Jeremy & Theresa held a US beer tasting on the 28th July 2007 below are the photos of the excellent afternoon and evening in Wimbledon.

Pivovar Herold (CZ Rep) & Dogfish Head – Golden Revolution

Heavyweight, NJ – Ste-ve

Van den Bossche, BE – Pierre Celis Memoirs

Nectar, CA – IPA & Bear Republic, CA – XP Pale Ale

Skagit River, WA – Scullers IPA

Bison, CA – Organic IPA

Stone, CA - 9th anniversary ale (2005)

Lagunitas, CA - Lucky 13 anniversary ale

Full Sail, OR - Slipknot Imperial IPA

Arcadia, MI - Hopmouth Double IPA

Middle Ages, NY - Wailing Wench

Deschutes, OR - Hop Henge Imperial IPA

Alaskan, AK - Smoked Porter 2002

Captain Lawrence, NY - Smoke from the Oak

Breckenridge, CO - 471 small batch IPA

Goose Island, IL - Imperial IPA

Speakeasy, CA - Double Daddy Imperial IPA

Russian River, CA – Damnation (back)

Russian River, CA – Damnation (front)

Moylans, CA - Hopsickle Imperial Triple Hoppy Ale, Stone, CA – Ruination IPA & Speakeasy, CA - Double Daddy Imperial IPA

Russian River, CA – Damnation, New Belgium, CO La Folie & Moylans, CA - Hopsickle Imperial Triple Hoppy Ale

Russian River, CA – Temptation & Damnation

Lagunitas, CA - Brown Shugga (X2)

Goose Island, IL - Imperial Brown Goose 2006

AleSmith, CA - Old Numbskull

Full Sail, OR - Old Boardhead Barley Wine & Great Divide, CO - Hercules Double IPA

Great Divide, CO - Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout

Heavyweight, NJ - Old Salty 2005

Martin & Matt

Chris & Martin

Nellie – “I could help you finish the food!”

Theresa & Jeremy

This sausage is hot!

Theresa & Ruth

Jeremy chatting up Nellie!

Thom & Matt


Ruth & Chris

What’s in here then?

Ah it’s the empties!

Food – well we didn’t just drink!

Nellie – That food looks good!

There’s bits in my beer!

Martin & Chris

Dave & Debbie

Chris & beer

Matt & Jeremy

The party moved indoors and YMCA was being played!

Jeremy & Monkey best of friends

Jeremy & Monkey again

Me & Monkey

Jeremy & Theresa dancing

Paulette & Emma dancing

and Monkey joined in too

no comment!


We were supposed to be going to the Reading beer Festival on the 5th May 2007 but on arriving there we found that there was a two hour queue to get in! So we turned around and went back to the Victoria in Strathearn Place London a pub that has been a favourite of ours for several years and a very pleasant evening was had by all

Part of the Victoria interior

More of the interior

Not too sure what the hand signals were!



Painting of the pubs namesake hanging on the wall

Jeremy & Theresa

It was this big!

Chris the Victoria's boss

Theresa & Paulette

Teresa, Theresa & Paulette

theresa & Paulette

Teresa & Jeremy

Paulette, Thom, Teresa & Jeremy

Good food provided by the Victoria

Fullers anniversary ale

Paulette & Thom

Teresa & Jeremy

Jeremy & Theresa

Paulette & Tom

Teresa & Clive


Paulette & Thom

Teresa, Jeremy, Theresa, Paulette & Thom

The Old Ale Festival at the White Horse Parsons Green - 27th January 2007

Thom& Paulette

Theresa, that handbag & Martin

Enjoying the Cellar tour

Mark our magnificent host

Shaun from the US in the cellar

A real cellar!

more tasting



Bill & Shaun




Warren & US beers

Warren, Podge & Bill trying a US beer

Jeremy - now which do I drink first?

Emma & Jeremy

Peter, Theresa & Emma

David, Max & Paulette

Peter & Martin

Podge in full flow

Shaun, Theresa & Jeremy

Podge advertising the Chelmsford beer festival

David & Podge

Deep in conversation

Bill, Clive, Mark, Jeremy & Shaun

Clive, Theresa & Shaun

Mark & Bill engrossed in a bottle

Steve, Theresa, Teresa & Thom

Bill & Warren

Chris O & Tom R

US beers

Lee‘s Harvest Ale

I thought this was a beer festival not water!

Someone spilt beer on me

Steve & Theresa

Clive & Teresa

Yes we are drinking beer too

Steve, Warren & Theresa

The soggy paper fight!

I couldn‘t resist this one

The Great British Beer Festival, was held this year at Earls Court we went on the 4th August 2006

The festival is run by CAMRA whose website is a source of much information relating to real ale in the UK, see link at the top of page

The following photos are provided by a friend of ours thanks Jeremy, they were taken at the beer festival and at the White Horse in Parsons Green after the festival.

Johan, Thom, Jeremy, Me & Clive at the GBBF
(4th August 2006)

Mat & Clive at the White Horse
(4th August 2006)

Me at the White Horse
(4th August 2006)

Me & Jeremy at the White Horse
(4th August 2006)